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My name is Jody Jooste. I am 22 yrs old and was born and raised in East London, South Africa. It is here that I carry out my work as a Cabinet Maker. Working with wood is another one of my loves, along with Fly Fishing, fly tying and biking, I used to ride for the Motor Mecca MCC before breaking my leg and wrist and in the process writing off my beloved Kawasaki ZZR 400. I long for another one, but car payments are taking priority. On occasion I’ll also take to the canvas with a brush and oil paints, but not as much as i’d like to anymore.

I’ve bn fishing for longer than what I can remember…
The first time I laid hands on a fly rod was in the 8th grade, on a school outing. Shortly after this I aquired my first fly rod…A 9ft, 5 wt kingfisher. A rod I still have and fish with, albeit a few repairs later.
Fly fishing took a bit of a back seat during my later school years where I represented Cambridge at interschools light tackle boat angling, and achieved gold and bronze medals, as well as representing border at the all coastals.
Fly fishing now takes preference over any other type of fishing I’ve tried, and the one I’ve come to love the most.

This blog is essentially about my fly fishing adventures, but I’ve decided to toss in a few facets of my life as well…


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  1. Neat hey

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