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For a while now I’ve been having the urge to do some light tackle gully fly fishing. For Blacktail, shad or watever… Early on saturday morning we made our way down to the Esplanade, and spent the better part of an hour casting into the gullys. My buddies not too keen on the idea of pulling expensive fly lines through turbulent barnicle covered gullys opted to throw some dropshot. A few anglers further down casting big baits out into the surf were rewarded with one or two nice Shad, so there were fish around. Anyways I didnt catch any Blacktail, or Shad… But I did get two little bright yellow Puffer fish.
We then decided to search greener pastures
, or should I say bluer waters and made our way to Nahoon reef to fish the gullys there. This time we stopped to buy pilchards and I swopped the fly reel with a coffee grinder. In the next two hours I hooked a nice blacktail of about 30 cm, a 40 cm mullet and a few golden stripeys on pilchard. I admit I gave up the fly pretty quickly but next weekend I want to go back and this time hopefully get a few nice fish on fly…


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