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Its 5 in the morning when my alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button and instantly feel the anticipation building up in preparation for the mornings fishing. I quickly scramble the gear and pack the few flies I tied the night before.A quick cup of coffee and we’re on the road by 5:30

Its overcast and warm with just the subtlest of breezes every now and then, we reach our destination, grab our rods and start the short hike to the dam with the greetings of a heard of cows wearily eyeing us out as we make our way.

on arrival a scan of the small farm dam revealed a lot of surface fish movement with a few aerial displays. I tied on my trusty green and yellow frog popper and within a few casts was into my first bass of the day, it gave my 5 wt a good working wrapping itself up in the thick weed.


this popper produced a few more fish and after a few missed takes discovered the point of the popper had broken off. I decided to change tactics and fished a sub surface wooly bugger variation with white marabou tail,chain bead eyes, green chennile body and a double white hackle with chartreusemarabou tied in under a hot pink head.this combination proved deadly with the biggest catch of the day resulting from this fly.



 in our party of three we landed in excess of 30 bass, mostly average in size with a few notables.they seemed to prefer a slower retrieve often hitting the fly while stationary.After casting the popper I would let it sit for a while give it a pop then wait about 10 seconds before giving it a pop again. the wooly bugger was fished with a slow strip and pause retrieve which gave an enticing up and down fluttering motion with the marabou tail.



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