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This is the Nahoon river below the weir, where my bud n i enjoyed quite an action packed afternoon. our target for the day was actually to fly fish for larger bass above the weir where the water is much deeper. fish of about 2 kg have been caught here, and I’m sure there are larger but seen as we’ve only begun to fish this often neglected river only time will tell. The fishing above the weir was slow and there seemed to be hundreds of baby bass everywhere.At the out flow of the weir my bud commented on seeing quite a few fish in the very shallow rapids, a quick search of my fly boxes produced a selection of no.10 flies which i had tied. i tied one on flicked it out into the current and two strips later…. fish on! Ok it was a small bass but the fact that it came out of a little run that looked so shallow as to be impossible to yield fish was more than enough to want to catch another one. further downstream was another pool that was probably around knee deep, this pool was very productive especially when the flies were cast between the roots of the tree ( see top pic.) the biggest fish was around 20 cm in length, and gave a nice little tussle for its size. another surprise catch was a moonie which was odd as these fish occur mainly in saltwater and brackish water, and we were quite a far way upstream. even more surprising was that there seemed to be quite a large population of them. we suspect the river also holds tilapia, yellow fish and barbel. only time will tell.

horseshoe basshorseshoe5


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